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Next Wise Choice is a 501c3 non-profit which depends upon the support of the community. We are registered with IRS as Romans12 FEIN: 27-1543610 dba Next Wise Choice.

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  • Incentive Programs – Are you a local business owner? Donating products and services are effective ways to help others reach their goals. Many people struggle with the motivation to go the long haul when making significant changes. We work with local agencies to provide workshops that teach practical life skills. We often use incentives to keep these folks engaged. Think about the last time you tried setting a goal. When the going gets hard, incentives can be the thing to get over the hump.
  • Welcome Baskets – In our partnership with local agencies, new clients move into or successfully complete residential programs and often lack basic necessities to get started in their new home. Basic personal and household items can be a great encouraging gift to show that the community cares about their success.
  • Personalized Gifts – Holidays, birthdays or anniversaries of traumatic events can be difficult to get through. A majority of those served lack supportive friends or family and therefore find themselves going through these times alone. We assist in helping to grow these support networks. In the meantime, however, we provide gifts at these times to be their support until they have grown their own natural support system.


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Next Wise Choice is a service of Romans 12
FEIN: 27-1543610