Program Development

Are you planning to offer services to others but aren’t sure where to start? We can help! Next Wise Choice can provide a complete package to launch your program or you can choose from a variety of services.

  • Assessments – Measurable outcomes are critical for a successful program. Our assessments examine 25 life domains and provide the foundation for personalized goal planning that is meaningful to your clients.
  • Data Tracking – Whether you operate using private or public funds, telling your story in terms of objective data is guaranteed to make your organization stand apart from the rest. We offer timely reporting of your outcomes for your reporting needs.
  • Curriculum – Our curriculum has been used in a variety of settings and can be tailored to any life issue you address. Choose from secular or faith-based versions.
  • Ready to Use Tools – Practical tools to aid in mastering skill building.
  • Program Development – Whether you need to develop a program from scratch or simply want to train staff in the Next Wise Choice approach, we can help.
  • Policies & Procedures – Save yourself weeks of developing policies and procedures. We offer standard templates and can even tailor them to meet your needs.

We meet your passion with practical support and tools to make your program come alive. Our outcome-based program has exceeded expectations and helped organizations stand out from the rest with measurable results.

Contact us to learn more about products and pricing. Then get busy doing what you were meant to do. Leave the details to us.

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