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The Greenhouse – Some of our favorite interactive workshops that provide practical solutions to accomplishing a goal whether it’s a New Year’s resolution or addressing a destructive habit or addiction. These workshops are said to be informative, fun and inspiring.


Team Meetings (TM) – TM’s allow families and other supportive individuals to come together in an effort to accomplish a specific goal. During the meeting participants establish a plan and identify resources necessary for the desired outcome. TM’s are conducted with a trained facilitator in a safe environment.


Individual Coaching – Personalize your recovery with individual coaching services that help identify needs and barriers to getting needs met. You’ll benefit from accountability from beginning to end as you accomplish what you thought was not possible.


Program Development – We specialize in residential programs and behavioral change classes. We can assist to provide structure to your program, conduct assessments, establish a plan of service for behavioral change, and provide measurable data that can be a critical element to increase your funding streams.

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Employee Growth & Retention Programs – Many employers struggle with the retention of employees who exhibit negative behaviors that impact their work. Individual or team building sessions help to address these behaviors and ensure your employee is a valued asset to your business.


Change Champions – Are you a coach or a cheerleader? Find out how your skills can be used to change the lives of others. Healthy social supports are the leading cause to successful behavioral change. Contact us to see how you can make a difference in the life of another.

To learn more about or get involved with any of these activities simply email us at nextwisechoice@gmail.com.