What Others Are Saying

Next Wise Choice is a curriculum that provides immense value to our program. It digs into core topics and deep issues that help our participants truly evaluate their belief systems, increase their emotion regulation tools, and improve their decision-making patterns. I have seen significant and sustainable change in participants who have embraced the material and worked hard to integrate it into their lives.

In addition, NWC’s Self Sufficiency Assessment Tool enables our program to thoroughly track and demonstrate outcomes internally, and to our funders. We aren’t limited to data showing how long we served a client– we utilize the 25 domains to show the areas where she improved in self-sufficiency and how, no matter how long she is in our program.

NWC isn’t just a curriculum we teach participants, it’s an immense resource to our staff as well. We are a cohesive team in our language and our approach with participants because we can all apply the tools and concepts from NWC, like the Eight Universal Principles and the PATTERNS of Self Care.

If you’re stuck in habits, addictions or life in general, The Greenhouse is a great place to start moving forward.  Blending biblical truth with physiological and psychological realities, The Greenhouse lays a solid foundation to begin understanding why you do what you do.

Regina’s common-sense approach is engaging and relatable; her personal experience and transparency set the tone for the work at hand.  I recommend The Greenhouse for anyone just beginning to think about change or those who’ve experienced it and want to continue growing.

I went through the Greenhouse classes at a difficult time of my life.  It has taught me the importance of self-care and what it includes.  The program teaches the skills necessary in processing through the emotional ups and downs of life.  I would recommend it to everyone.

Next Wise Choice works! It’s life changing. As we see more and more of the temptation to blame other people for our problems, NWC shows us to look within. Start there. Sit with the uncomfortable. Breathe. Take care of yourself. These things aren’t easy, but they are possible and when you follow NWC, life gets easier. Simpler. Better. I use this daily for myself, my husband, my children and even my clients at work. And to quote my favorite thing from NWC, try it, “what is the worst that could happen?”

Life is like an onion. It has layers to it that need to be peeled off one at a time and dealt with. My life was overwhelming, trying to figure out who I am, why I respond a certain way. Why does my spouse react like he does? Why have two of my sons left our family? The Greenhouse showed me how to “peel” my life by making the Next Wise Choice one at a time. These principles helped me to better understand myself, my spouse and my family. They helped me to learn self-care. This program has definitely helped me.

Next Wise Choice is an amazing curriculum!!  We are a new Restoration Home opening up soon and this curriculum gave us very specific and powerful tools to teach individual who operate out of trauma filled pasts.  The lesson plans, videos, words pictures, and detailed guidelines have prepared us well to teach the girls coming to our home.  Thank you!  Freedom House Ministries.